Super Basmati Rice

Super Basmati is a Pakistani long grain rice variety known for its delicate, nuanced flavor and smell. Its name means “fragrant one” in Sanskrit, but it can also mean “soft rice,” and the term also happens to be Arabic for “my smile.” Pakistan is a major farmer, user, and exporter of this rice, which is grown mostly in paddy fields in the Punjab region.
Basmati rice grains are longer than most other forms of rice. Basmati rice grains are generally free flowing rather than sticky when cooked, unlike most long-grain rice. The aroma of cooked basmati rice can be used to identify it.

Basmati Rice is Available in following verities:

  • Brown
  • Milled/white
  • Steam
  • Parboiled

Super Basmati Brown Rice

  • Moisture                                          11.50%   
  • AGL                                                   7.40 mm  
  • Broken                                             2.0% 
  • Paddy grains                                 0.01% 
  • Red Grain                                       Nil
  • Damaged / discolored              0.50%
  • Chalky Grains                               3%
  • Immature grains                         2.50%
  • Yellow grains                                Nil
  • Foreign matters                           Nil
  • Contrasting Variety                   5.0%
  • Purity                                            95%

Super Basmati White Rice

  • Moisture                                    12.0%
  • AGL                                             7.20mm
  • Broken                                       2.0%
  • Paddy grains                            Nil
  • Whiteness (36-Kett)               Double Polish
  • Damaged / discolored           Nil
  • Immature grains                      3.0%
  • Yellow grains                             Nil
  • Foreign matters                        Nil
  • Contrasting Variety                  2.5%