Long Grain

The non-basmati cultivar IRRI 9 Long Grain White Rice is preferred for its price competitiveness. Many folks enjoy the sultry flavor of this rice. In 1968, IRRI 9 was released. The Middle East consumes a large portion of Pakistan’s IRRI-9 rice exports.

The IRRI 6 Long Grain White Rice variety is a non-basmati type grown in Sindh, Pakistan. This long grain variety is the second tier after Irri-9, and it lacks aroma as well. It has a solid texture when cooked and yields a large amount of cooked rice.

Sindh rice variety KS 82, commonly known as DR Rice or 282 rice. The rice variety KS 82 is classified as non-basmati. It has a slight edge over IRRI 6 rice quality. This rice is popular because of its medium grain length, which is ideal for Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine.