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Nobel Foods (Pvt.)Ltd is a joint venture and registered with the Security Exchange Corporation of Pakistan (SECP) and incorporated in 2011. The mill is located in the rice industrial area of Ellahbad, Punjab Pakistan.


Our families are in the rice business since 1970. The company's activities comprise purchasing, storage, husking, milling, processing, packing and sale of rice. The milling/processing mill is well equipped with local and imported machines, including latest Colour Sorted machine. The company annual turn over is well over USD 30 Million and is rising.

Our Work Environment

Nobel Foods makes every effort to provide a friendly, flexible and collaborative working environment. We have integrated employee welfare policies during and post employment which makes it easier to ensure a well-adjusted circle of life.


Nobel Foods Is committed to the welfare of farmers, employees and all stakeholders. This approach has led us to develop several distinctive policies that endorse greater diversity and provide opportunities for growth and career development without gender discrimination/depletion of natural resources.

Our Mission

To employ best policies and processes so that Nobel Foods offers immaculate quality products and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. To contribute in daily wellness with organic rice, providing customers with quality choices and contributing to improved food nutrition.

Our Vision

To be an unparalelled choice for the global market and to provide quality products with highly competitive prices. Also, the principal of sustainability is deeply rooted in Nobel Foods work ethics which assures a prosperous future, not just for the corporation but also for the planet.

Ascertain the Chinese Market

Beginning with Basmati Rice, Nobel Foods has incorporated all categories of rice into its portfolio. But what we have ensured constantly is our commitment to perfect quality and pleasant taste.

To incorporate the Asia region, a major expansion Is being planned in China in order to fulfill the rapidly growing demand of PK-386 and IRRI-6/KS-282.

Steps to ensure quality

1. Rice Seeding to Rice Growing

2. Rice Growing to Cultivation

3. Cultivation to Procurement

4. Procurement to Mills Main Gate

5. Mills Main Gate to Godowns

6. Godowns to Lab

7. Lab to Intake

8. Intake to Processing

9. Processing to Lab Finish to Packing

10. Packing to Dispatch operations

International Accreditation

We have multiple national and international certifications like - ISO 9001: 2008, UKAS quality management and HACCP.

State of the Art Processing Plant

At Nobel Foods, we believe that there is no substitute for quality. We also believe that no matter how great, quality can always be improved. That's why we are constantly improving our technology and R & D processes and possess efficient and advanced processing units.

The automated technology ensures complete traceability from the source of raw material to the packing, every detail is documented, checked and verified. We have four separate husking units and two reprocessing units installed with state of the art machinery to meet our buyer’s requirement all across the world.

Global Presence

Presently the population of our country is estimated at 180 Million and the official population growth rate of Pakistan is 3% per annum whereas independent sources confirmed that the growth rate of population is more than 3.5% annually.

Our Exports

Nobel Foods possesses efficient infrastructure for growing, procurement, processing, quality control, distribution and export. We guarantee that, consignments shipped well on time to ensure punctual delivery.

Company’s Personnel

The Partners / Director in the company supervise entire operations; most of them have more then 20 years of experience in the rice field.

The Company prepares a plan for sales of rice in consultation with the Sales Department for the whole year quantifying each quality of rice required. On the basis of this plan target of sales are prepared for the Sales Department.

Keeping in view the sales targets, Finance Department prepares cash flow and requirements of rice for the whole year.

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Location of Warehouses

  • Nobel Foods (Pvt.) Ltd Unit 1 & 2, Kasur Road Ellahabad.
  • Arooj Rice Mills, Kasur Road Ellahabad.
  • Star Rice Mills, Kasur Road Ellahabad.
  • Rafique Sarwar Rice Mills, Kasur Road Ellahabad.
  • Al-Hamd Rice Mills, Kasur Road Ellahabad.

Region wise exports per annum (Brown Basmati)

  • Spain - 8,000 MT
  • Holland - 6,000 MT
  • France - 10,000 MT
  • Italy - 8,000 MT
  • U.K  - 6,000 MT
  • Portugal - 4,000 MT