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Welcome to Nobel Foods


Nobel Foods (Pvt.)Ltd is a joint venture and registered with the Security Exchange Corporation of Pakistan (SECP) and incorporated in 2011. The mill is located in the rice industrial area of Ellahbad, Punjab Pakistan.

Our families are in the rice business since 1970. The company’s activities comprise purchasing, storage, husking, milling, processing, packing, and sale of rice. The milling/processing mill is well equipped with local and imported machines, including the latest Colour Sorted machine. The company’s annual turnover is well over USD 40 Million and is rising.

Our Work Environment

Nobel Foods strives to create a welcoming, flexible, and collaborative work environment. We have incorporated employee wellness rules that apply both during and after work, making it easier to maintain a healthy cycle of life.


Nobel Foods is a joint venture of Family Business  as Export House in Pakistan with the aim to provide Quality Rice to the Customers around the globe.


The joint family is engaged in this business since 1971 in Rice growing, cultivating, storing, husking, milling, processing, packing and sale of rice locally as well in International Market.


We have qualified team, land-living all qualities steps for paddy procurement drying Steaming, parboiling, husking, milling sorting of rice by marking specific team for all shifts.

Our Products

Super Basmati Rice

Basmati Steam Rice is a Pakistani long grain rice variety known for its delicate, nuanced flavor and smell.
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1121- Basmati Rice

Basmati rice, grade 1121, is the highest quality rice available. It is of excellent quality and comes at a reasonable price.
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Pk-386 Non Basmati Rice

PK-386 is a non-basmati rice type from Pakistan that is grown from the middle of June to the end of June each year.
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Long Grain

The non-basmati cultivar IRRI 9 Long Grain White Rice is preferred for its price competitiveness.
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Our Brands