About Nobel Foods Pvt. Ltd

1970 our father Haji Muhammad Sarwar started cultivation of rice on our own fields of 750 Acres with a vision to modernize its rice production and capitalize on sizeable share in domestic market. After reaching on agricultural excellence, Haji Muhammad Sarwar foresee the future of rice business in Pakistan and planned successive steps in the more right directions. His diligence and visionary approach culminated in the establishment of Husking unit and involved his sons in his rising rice business.


From 1970 to date, under the supervision of Haji Muhammad Sarwar, his sons boost and accelerate the rice business and established the followings Husking facilities:-

  • M/s Sarwar Agri Farm House
  • M/s Kashif Rice Mills
  • M/s Rafique Sarwar Rice Mills
  • MMA’s Star Rice M

We above sister’s concern are running successively from the last three decades, and supplying the rice to domestic rice groups for their exports. In 2011. We jointly incorporate new facility with name M/s Nobel Foods (Pvt.) Ltd.


This organization imported machinery and purchased some local machinery with help of both imported and local machinery erected it in the heart of rice growing area of Pakistan and our processing capacity is 10 Tons/Hour.

Nobel Foods is the team of vigorous, enthusiastic and committed professionals. Our culture is energetic and is based on our hearted values, the loyalty of our people. It provides us gratification, dignity, and honor.

Our team is defeating all the troubles all the time to provide our people with challenging growth opportunities which encourage the values of teamwork. Our pleasant leadership is focusing on future goals.