About Traceability

It is the ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of documented recorded identification of the product.

In food processing, the term traceability refers to the recording through means of barcodes or RFID tags & other tracking media, all movement of product and steps within the production process. One of the key reasons this is such a critical point is in instances where an issue of contamination arises, and a recall is required. Where traceability has been closely adhered to, it is possible to identify, by precise date/time & exact location which goods must be recalled, and which are safe, potentially saving millions of dollars in the recall process. Traceability within the food processing industry is also utilised to identify key high production & quality areas of a business, versus those of low return, and where points in the production process may be improved.

In food processing software, traceability systems imply the use of a unique piece of data (e.g., order date/time, sampling/Analyzing or a serialized sequence number, generally through the use of a barcode / RFID) which can be traced through the entire production flow, linking all sections of the business, including growers, suppliers & future sales through the supply chain. Messages and files at any point in the system can then be audited for correctness and completeness, using the traceability software to find the particular transaction and/or product within the supply chain.
“The European Union’s General Food Law came into force in 2002, making traceability compulsory for food and feed operators and requiring those businesses to implement traceability systems.”

It’s Our Pride
We are implying the traceability system through our software.

Our System
We are using latest IT system developed by the most experienced and recognized software professionals. All our documents are software generated; Our software is running on server and linked with networked environment. Our Staff are using very friendly, tehy use the tools like barcode, RFID, scanning, camera and input through keyboards.

All above documents are filed and softcopies are saved in serialized sequence number. Which assist us to analyze our working performance and to recall our proceedings minute to minute.

  • Rice Seeding to Rice Growing
  • Rice Growing to Cultivation
  • Cultivation to Procurement
  • Procurement to Mills Main Gate
  • Mills Main Gate to Godowns
  • Godowns to Lab
  • Lab to Intake
  • Intake to Processing
  • Processing to Lab
  • Finish to Packing
  • Packing to Dispatch
  • Dispatch to Sample Retaining